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What We Use

At IGM Leak Detection all our engineers are qualified plumbers as well as gas safe, they have all been trained to a high standard in leak detection. This gives our customers peace of mind they are in good hands. our non-invasive processes consist of tracing accessing, leaks on:

UV Dye

Can be used as a non-invasive trace for identifying a leak, the dye introduced through the heating system and is pushed around it, our engineers have high powered ultraviolet torches that they can shine around your home/property to detect any issues. These dyes are invisible to the eye. So, no damage is caused or noticeable.

Acoustic water leak detector

All our engineers are trained to listen to the different sounds your water pipes make. The closer to the leak the different sound can be heard with a highly powered microphone. The microphone can trace sound on pipes in hard floors, suspended ceilings etc. The Acoustic water leak detector can be used along side our hydrogen and nitrogen tracer gas to improve the sound.

Hydrogen and nitrogen tracer gas

The gas that we use is harmless. We introduce the gas into the system either through the heating water pipes or an alternative way, we can then use our gas detector to find the source of the leak. Our machine, will make a loud beeping noise the closer we are to the leak. We can also use the gas to help identified Leaks under suspended floor Using our acoustic listing equipment as the gas frequency is a different pitch to water.

Thermal imaging Camera

Thermal imaging cameras are specialised cameras and are used to trace pipes in walls ie plaster board brick etc. We can also detect hot and cold in pipes screeded floors, solid floors, wooden floors etc. Our cameras can identify hot or cold pipes and hot or cold patches where pipes are layed before works are started.

Hydro Leak Detection

This equipment allows us to detect a range of different pipe martials and locate them in different ground types. This equipment sends a frequency down the pipes so we can locate all different pipes even non-conductive pipes and non-metallic.

CAT and Genny

This equipment can locate electric cables gas pipes, water mains, phone lines, all types of cables and drains. This equipment can be used for excavating of a site to avoid damage to pipes Services. Our engineers are highly trained to map out services to avoid damage to property.

Ground penetrating Radar

This can give our engineers a clear 3d picture of what pipes and cables are underneath a service. They can also tell our engineers how far down/away the pipe/cable is.


Our CCTV camera can be pushed down  into pipes drains and a long side pipework to give our engineer a clear video image of any problems that may be stopping your pipe work from working correctly 


Our micro cameras can be inserted into a small hole so the engineers can inspect the effected area with minimal damage. These are used for small places and hard to reach places.


These dyes are brightly coloured powders or liquids that are placed in to the drain system to determine the flow of the drains and determine if any blockages are present.

Smoke testing

Smoke testing is a test where we use a high concentrated smoke what is non toxic that is entered into the sewage system that has been fully vented and all air traps have been filled and air vents have been restricted. Then the process can start. The smoke will enter in to sewage system where it will travel around the sewage and was pipes system, where the non toxic smoke will appear in any problem areas in your pipes or sewage system.

Need Any Help?

If you’re in the St Albans and Harpenden area and have a leak issue, IGM are on-hand to help.

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