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we pride ourselves on an efficient and friendly service

At IGM Leak Detection we pride ourselves on an efficient and friendly service.

All our engineers are trained to trace, detect, fix and repair any leak they are faced with. Whether your nave water is coming through your ceiling or your main boiler is losing pressure to a gas leak. Our leak detection engineers are happy to help trace, fix and dry out the effected areas.
We have full liability insurance as-well as being gas safe, we can also work along side insurance company’s. Discovering a leak early is just the first step
in Keeping the cost of your repair as low as possible it is essential that you locate  the source of the leak immediately after noticing reduced pressure, an emergence of damp or unusually high-water bill.


we pride ourselves on an efficient and friendly service

At IGM Plumbing & Heating Limited we pride ourselves on an efficient and friendly service, and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction

IGM plumbers are fully adept at dealing with any plumbing situation and can diagnose and rectify all plumbing faults and work quickly, efficiently and leave your home clean and tidy once the work is done.

Whether you have a burst pipe or an immersion tank problem, IGM plumbers are on-hand to help. We also provide everything from leak detection to blocked pipes. We have full liability insurance as well as being gas safe we also have certificate for un-vented hot water systems.


At IGM Leak Detection

Our water leak detection service helps many domestic home owners, tenants, land lords and business in all sectors industrial  and commercial. You can be sure that we can help with specialist leak detection we can trace, access and repair water main leaks, central heating leaks, hot and cold pipe leaks, solar ground source heat pumps. Leaks on all water pipes and gas pipes, swimming pool leaks and even dry out. Large scale commercial leak detection projects aswell as air conditioning unit leaks. Water leaks and water damage that is caused by this can lead to more serious cosmetic or structural problems and also with the obvious health risks associated with living or working in a damp property. 
The sooner you know what’s wrong, the faster it can be fixed. At IGM Leak detection we use specialise equipment to identify areas of repair before it’s too late, saving you valuable time and money !
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